Choice of ingredients


Quality freeze-dried or dried ingredients


Our expert staff selects freeze-dried or dried ingredients depending on the use and rehydration needed to give great taste and visual, nutritional and functional qualities to your recipes.

Careful selection of raw materials

We pay particular attention to select the best ingredients from renowned suppliers to find the perfect balance between flavour, texture, functionality and nutrition.

We source our products locally or at least nationally in order to limit our impacton the environment.

We aim to:

  • guarantee regular and reliable sourcing through strategic control over delicate raw materials.
  • reveal the authentic character of the ingredients to highlight their nutritional qualities and taste.
  • Remove or reduce the use of saturated fats, glutamate, colouring and flavouring in our recipes.
  • Select GM-free ingredients.

New recipes are developed by professional cooks whose experience, creativity and technological knowledge allow us to select the best ingredients.

Our recipes really stand out from the crowd!


Aids and garnishes

Dessert flans

Dessert mixes

Flavoured sugar

Jellified waters


Preparations for patisserie

Smooth creams


Culinary aids

Low-calorie recipes

Meat jus



Stocks and courts-bouillons

Our products carry the brands of the leaders of the Distribution, Food Service and Food-processing industry . .