Specific packaging

We offer various packaging options tailored to the specific needs of retail, foodservice and manufacturing.

We aim to respect the environment by reducing the amount of non-recyclable raw materials and excessive packaging we use. We reduce the size of our boxes, tubs and packs. We optimise the amount of product to fit the packaging. We increase the maximum height of our palettes. We reduce the thickness component of our packaging. We strive to use vegetable-based ink and paper from sustainably managed forests to print our labels.
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Our packaging makes storage and distribution easy:

  • filmed and non-filmed cartons
  • stacking of cardboard boxes
  • bundling
  • palettes

Our packaging is tailored to your business:


  • Box (up to 1020g) with lid and airtight sealing
  • Large tubs made from recyclable cardboard
  • 5, 10 and 15kg buckets
  • Customised sachets


  • 100% recyclable boxes with powdering lid (11g)
  • Box (up to 500g) with lid and airtight sealing
  • Tubs with paper sachets


  • 5, 10 and 15kg buckets
  • Customised sachets


Aids and garnishes

Dessert flans

Dessert mixes

Flavoured sugar

Jellified waters


Preparations for patisserie

Smooth creams


Culinary aids

Low-calorie recipes

Meat jus



Stocks and courts-bouillons

Our products carry the brands of the leaders of the Distribution, Food Service and Food-processing industry . .