Our strengths


  • We operate with key products, special operations and niche markets
  • We guarantee delivery deadlines based on your priorities
  • We optimise the logistics and merchandising of our packaging according to your requirements


  • Our product range will continuously expand to follow your trends
  • Our product will help set you apart with specific brand recognition


  • Our staff shares the same desire to bring you our expertise in culinary aids and dessert mixes whether it be foodservice, retail or discount stores
  • Commercial enthusiasm and an understanding of the markets enables us to handle the diversity of our clients while giving each one particular care

High Quality

  • We select the best ingredients
  • Our products are safe thanks to a rigorous production and control process

We combine your demands with our excellence!

We follow new consumer patterns, culinary trends and innovative distribution concepts so that our products are your best products.


Aids and garnishes

Dessert flans

Dessert mixes

Flavoured sugar

Jellified waters


Preparations for patisserie

Smooth creams


Culinary aids

Low-calorie recipes

Meat jus



Stocks and courts-bouillons

Our products carry the brands of the leaders of the Distribution, Food Service and Food-processing industry . .