Our production tools


Rigorous production and control process

Our production staff is trained in quality control at each stage of a product’s manufacture, both pre- and post-production, to ensure optimal food safety.

Investment in tools and resources

We train our operating and management team to value, maintain, replace and optimise our production lines, so that we can offer you:

  • Optimal product quality and safety
  • Flexibility on production
  • Savings on manufacturing costs

At each stage of manufacturing, we seek out optimal industrial performance to bring you the best prices.

In 2011, we invested 6.5 % of our turnover in our production lines.


Aids and garnishes

Dessert flans

Dessert mixes

Flavoured sugar

Jellified waters


Preparations for patisserie

Smooth creams


Culinary aids

Low-calorie recipes

Meat jus



Stocks and courts-bouillons

Our products carry the brands of the leaders of the Distribution, Food Service and Food-processing industry . .