Our Vision

Our future is as a large human adventure: our clients and people are at the heart of our concerns. We have a simple mission and a clear objective: to bring this expertise to our clients.

Our products are the result of close collaboration between our staff and our clients. We guide our clients on their product placement, and we introduce key performance indicators and tools to enhance both the quality and price of our products.

We heavily invest in training and have equipped our factory and offices with cutting-edge technology. By encouraging everyone to fulfil themselves, and by operating a profit-sharing policy, everyone is involved in the future of the business.

We care for the environment and seek to contribute to the improvement of nutritional qualities in the products we make.

Our commitments:

  • Promote our client’s businesses
  • Rely on the quality of our products
  • Invest in culinary innovation
  • Stimulate continuous professional development in our staff



Aids and garnishes

Dessert flans

Dessert mixes

Flavoured sugar

Jellified waters


Preparations for patisserie

Smooth creams


Culinary aids

Low-calorie recipes

Meat jus



Stocks and courts-bouillons

Our products carry the brands of the leaders of the Distribution, Food Service and Food-processing industry . .