Stocks and courts-bouillons

Our range of stocks and courts-bouillons is ideal to prepare quality sauces and accompaniments. They can be quickly rehydrated and well maintained over a bain-marie.

Authentic and traditional

Discover our range of fish stocks, shellfish stocks, courts-bouillons, white, clear or brown stocks, thick stocks and demi-glace.

Developed to meet consumer needs

We aim to reduce or even completely remove hydrogenated fats, palm fats, colouring and preservatives from our recipes. We limit the use of additives, salt and flavour enhancers.

Our range includes thickened white veal stock, white veal stock, white chicken stock, clear brown stock, thickened brown chicken stock, thickened brown stock demi-glace, thickened brown stock, Spanish stock, veal stock, meat stock, roasted meat stock, chicken stock, thai stock, clear stock, shellfish stock, fish stock, lobster stock, white wine fish stock, court-bouillon, and more.

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Stocks and courts-bouillons

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