Classic or gourmet, they combine subtle flavours with smooth textures.


  • Our creations are designed according to the seasons and your taste.
  • There are already 30 recipes available.


  • Rehydrated with water, ours soups are quick and easy to prepare.
  • Our large-size packs for foodservice businesses come with a lid for easy conservation. We also offer smaller packs designed for retail.


  • The technology behind our dried products makes our soups easy to store and enjoy year-round.

Find us on the website of the national association for stocks and soups: vivelasoupe.

Our range includes: Lobster bisque, cream of asparagus, cream of mushroom, cream of pumpkin, cream of lentil, cream of broccoli, cream of chicken, onion and emmental gratinée, 9 vegetable soup, boletus mushroom soup, seafood soup, cream of leek and potato soup, cream of cabbage and emmental soup, cream of watercress soup, cream of tomato soup, cream of courgette soup, cream of courgette and pepper with olive oil soup, cream of tomato and wild garlic soup, chicken and vermicelli soup, tomato and vermicelli soup, Minestrone soup, onion soup, Chinese soup, forestière soup.

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