Diversify your meals with our wide range of sauces. Smooth, tasty and with a great texture, they are meant for everyday use and even inspire the best professional chefs.

Quick and easy

Our dried sauces are easy to prepare and bring a real signature to your dishes so you can wow your guests with a quality menu.

They can be rehydrated with water, milk or cooking juices.

A smooth and creamy texture

Each of our sauces has a unique character and distinct flavour. We have over 30 recipes to offer.

Our vast range includes armorican, BBQ, basquaise, béarnaise, béchamel, butter sauce, carbonara, mushroom and wine, chasseur, game stew, prawn, shellfish, curry, demi-glace, diable, shallot, forestière, 4 cheeses, hollandaise, Madeira, marchand de vin, morille, 5 peppercorn, green peppercorn, suprême, tomato, tomate provençale and grilled tomato.

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