Culinary aids

We use aromatic blends to achieve a balance in seasonings. Use our roux and jellies to perfectly master the preparation of different food combinations.


The wide diversity of our aromatic blends allows you to bring consistent flavour to your seasonings. These include:

Arom'à rôtir, colombo, gyros, BBQ, lardon and onion, garlic and parsley, onion and fine herbs, paella, chicken couscous, bouquet garni, Andalusian aromatics, Cantonese aromatics, Indonesian aromatics, tomato powder, Lyon-style onion, Tex Mex.


Our culinary aids are quick and easy to use. Both our white and brown roux are easy to measure, enabling you to successfully prepare any sauces you may wish. Our clear or Madeira jellies are a perfect match to terrines and aspics.


Our large-size containers for foodservice businesses come with a lid for easy conservation. We also reduce the amount of excessive packaging we use in retail.

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